A Vintage Cheetah Print Scarf Look that Roars with Elegance

I’m inspired by my new charity shop find – a flowing oblong scarf in vintage cheetah print. I want to wear it in a look that roars with elegance. I want all the old Hollywood glamour of a classic movie star.

As soon as I get the vintage cheetah print scarf home, I’m in front of the mirror trying it on. Should I put it in my hair? Definitely not tied around my ponytail as if I am going to a sock hop. It’s too Olivia Newton-John in Grease. Perhaps wrapped around my head? Yes, as if I’m a young Elizabeth Taylor about to go for a ride in a vintage convertible. I’ll add black rimmed sunglasses and I’m good to go. On second thought, this look’s more mysterious and practical than purely elegant. I look like I’m ready for a wild adventure.

Tying the scarf around my waist or on my handbag handle doesn’t hit the right note either. I’ll have to wear it around my neck and leave it loose and flowing for drama. Draped over my neck with one side wrapped around the front and thrown over my shoulder seems right. It frames my face and will trail beautifully behind me when I walk down the city street. Brilliant!

Now that I’ve decided on the placement of the scarf, I need the perfect outfit to wear with it. Khaki and olive green coloured clothes are out or I’ll look like I’m going on a safari. I try to channel Audrey Hepburn in black ankle trousers and a black top but wear the scarf instead of pearls. Unfortunately, I look like an aerobic dance instructor instead of an actress. But I’m not too far off track. Instead of changing my clothes, I add a few simple gold accessories to break up the black and lose the leotard affect. It works!

I’m not ready for a stroll down London streets just yet. Inspired by the bold cheetah print, I try some red lipstick. But it seems less elegant. If I added some black leather and a vintage hairdo, I’d have a great rockabilly look. But that is not what I want. So I remove the red and go for a glossy nude lip. A touch of brown eyeshadow and some dark mascara to go with my sleek bun and I’m perfectly polished. The vintage cheetah print scarf stands out against my black clothing and is complemented by my gold accessories and neutral makeup. I can’t wait to get out the door and show off my new elegant look!