How To Look Winter Fashionable And Still Care For Dry Skin

When the winter cold sets in, and the wind is whipping and the precipitation starts to fall, London is still rather lovely compared to most. Our skin takes a beating during the season, however, and we feel itchy with dry complexions, and our body suffers from head to toe.

I have learned a few smart beauty and style tips to maintain my fashionista profile and moisturize my screaming pores.

We all know the value in investing in a warm, gorgeous coat, but don’t forget that your extremities are taking the brunt of winter’s wrath. That means your hair, face, neck, hands and feet need special care.

The simple answer here is layers and more layers. For example, a nice, thick pair of socks that you can tuck into your boots is ideal. Slather on the moisturizer for your heels, ankles and feet to avoid winter cracking.

Invest in a colorful scarf, ladies. Big name celebrities are always covering up in pretty scarves, because it’s a versatile fashion accessory all year round. Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski says the scarf offers more than protection from the cold, and you should own several.

“Pair one with jeans, a basic tee and maybe even a cardigan,” Goreski says. “It’s great when the scarf’s print ties back to the other colors found in the top or when it stands out against a white or neutral colored top.”

Buy a cute hat to keep your head warm and protect your crowning glory. Winter is time to super condition your locks after shampooing. The dry chilly air outdoors and central heating indoors deplete strands of their necessary hydration. I hate when my hair stands on end. Take the time to seal in the moisture, and always carry your umbrella.

I like wearing mittens, too, because they’re warmer than gloves. Science shows us that it’s mittens over gloves, because your fingers generate more heat when they’re not separated from each other by fabric. I slather on my favorite moisturizer and then don my mittens. You can’t beat a pair in sheepskin leather.

I carry lip balm everywhere I go, applying and re-applying. I avoid any face products with alcohol and switch to a milder face wash during winter. I wear day and night creams and use a sugar scrub on rough elbows and knees.

Winter isn’t easy, but proper layers and buckets of moisturizer go a long way.