Top 5 Girly Dresses

Are you a girly-girl like me? Or, does a certain gentlemen caller have you feeling fun and flirty? Slipping on a dress is the quickest way to feel pretty from head to toe. Here are five of the girliest dress styles:

Off-the-shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses are still in fashion after making a huge splash on the scene a couple years back. They are the perfect dresses for all my summer dates, whether I’m grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning or walking along the beach at night. They are even simple enough to double as a swimsuit cover-up!

I like to pair roomy, flowing, off-shoulder dresses with gladiator boots for added stylishness, or with a pair of wedges for a typical day out about town. For an extra bit of flair, I add a colourful, chunky necklace or a bold-printed scarf.

Bell Sleeved Dresses

The ’70s styles and silhouettes are coming back this summer and many of the styles are soft and feminine. Bell sleeves are like bell-bottoms made for your arms. In other words, they are long, flared sleeves that grow wider as they approach your wrist area.

This season, bell sleeves have been spotted on fitted dresses that tend to cling to the body and then expand toward the hemline. They add volume to traditional, solid-colored dresses, but I prefer bell sleeves that spark bohemian nostalgia, such as those added to a calico-patterned frock with a lace-up neckline. I then would simply toss on a pair of over-the-knee black boots and I’m ready to go.

Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress is another style that has been around for a few years but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for awhile. The current look is reminiscent of Halston, straight out of a disco in 1970s New York City. It’s glamourous enough for evening, paired with wedges, or chunky, open-toed dress shoes, but it is now also accepted as a laid back street dress, compatible with flats, or even tennis shoes.

These long, daytime gowns truly make all women look really chic, including the “vertically-challenged” like myself. And, since they are commonly made from silk, cotton, and jersey materials, they tend to keep you cool during the dog days of summer.

High-low Hemmed Dresses

The high-low hem trend is really similar to a look that was popular about 20 years ago, but it has now been taken to new, um, heights (no pun intended). There are some dresses that I have seen where the difference between the shortened front hem and the longer back hem is way too severe, and the effect loses its luster. However, for the most part, when you see this style on a dress made from a lightweight, floral-patterned material, it really gives off a feminine, princess-like vibe that every girl wants to project at times.

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are another revisited fashion staple from my high school days in the late ’90s. They are feminine, and as dainty as the undergarments that happen to be their namesakes. They are usually considered to be a summer-only item, but you can wear a slip dress even in the winter by pairing it with a mock turtleneck, black leggings, and black booties. In warmer weather, a light necklace, a pair of dangling earrings, and fancy sandals will create an ensemble that is airy and light.

In conclusion, when you try any one of these ultra-feminine dress styles, you will feel stylish, modern, and beautiful. Just add a few accessories, the right pair of shoes, and a smile, and your confidence is sure to shine through.