Two Classic Fashion Staples that Belong in Every Fashionista’s Wardrobe

Fashion season may come and go, however, as a fashionista , I know that fashion staples anchor the style for every season. These staples are fashion classics that outlast passing trends and fads. Two fashion staples that make it through every season are boots and handbags. The boots and handbags that I use through the seasons are versatile and can go with many different outfits. I keep them simple so that they are not calling too much attention to themselves but have an understated elegance. If you are trying to add fashion staples to your wardrobe, follow these notes from a fashionista.

Find Boots that are Made for Walking… Stylishly

When you are selecting boots for your fashion ensemble make sure that you are not latching onto the latest trends. Latest trends have a way of attracting our attention, but they do not have much staying power. For example, platform boots were the trend of the moment years ago, but you do not find many platform boots around today. This type of trend was gone with the fashion wind. When you are selecting boots, make sure that they are classics that will last you through several seasons.

Smart fashionistas, like myself, pair boots with several different types of accessories. These give boots a new look every time. For example, you can wear your boots with different colourbtights. Wearing tights renew the look of boots. Additionally, you may think of wearing your boots with layered socks or leg warmers. Yes, leg warmers are still in fashion. Trust me. Don’t forget to wear your boots with many different types of clothing such as miniskirts, pants, and even capris. These different types of clothing will renew the look of your boots.

Find a Handy Handbag

Every fashionista needs a great handbag. I am no exception. When you are selecting a handbag, like your boots, you want to make sure that it is a classic. Select a handbag in a neutral colour that will go with almost everything. Make sure that your handbag has enough compartments so that you will not be hunting and pecking for important items such as your keys. Ideally, your handbag should have an interior lining that is complementary to the exterior. That’s right. The interior needs to be classic as well. People do look on the inside of your handbag as well as the outside. You do not want them to look on the inside of your handbag only to find rubber ducky prints now would you?

Another thing that most people do not consider when selecting a classic handbag is its weight . As you buy handbags empty, you will likely fill them with items that will make them heavier. Do not start off by selecting of handbag that is heavy. Not only will this be a drag, it could hurt your back.

As you can see, fashionistas need to need a couple of staples in their wardrobe. I make sure that I have these staples ready at the start of the season. Classic boots are perfect because you can dress them up or dress them down to suit your tastes. A great handbag is not only functional, it is fashionable. I make sure I have one that is roomy enough to hold all my belongings but does not weigh so much that it hurts my back.These fashion staples are stylish without being trendy or the latest fad. By resisting the latest fad when selecting these two fashion staples, you will in sure that you will have classics that will carry you through several seasons.